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Intermitant loss of power

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Hi All

I just bought my first z750 and sadly I am having some issues already.
It has been having an intermitant loss of power. I open it up and it struggles but other times it goes like crazy. The problem seems more pronounced in the bottom end and midrange.
It only has 16,000km on it.. took it to my mechanic and he had a quick look and thinks that maybe because I ran the tank almost to empty that some crap got into the filter and blocked it up a bit. I filled it up and after a bit it seemed to go away, but it still feels lacking in the lower revs.
Revs fine in neutral, seems like the plugs are fine..no warning lights... Any thoughts
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The basics...

Start with the basics, a good tune up, new fuel and air filters, spark plugs, etc... then see what you have:agree:
make sure the fuel line isn't kinked. very common.
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