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Brand new in original packaging. This is model 401. I bought it for my bike, but did not get a chance to mount it, decided to go a different route now. This is universal and can fit motorcycles with 7/8 bars:

Specs at http://www.hotgrips.com/store.php?crn=203&rn=119&action=show_detail

12 volts per pair, 6 volts per grip
Amps/Watts: approx 3.0 amps/ 30 watts @ 12vdc
Handlebar Diameter: 7/8"
Outside Diameter: 1.270"
Inside Diameter: 1.000"
External length: 5 3/16"
Internal length: 4.860"
Includes: Pair of Grips, three position toggle switch, extra wire, resistor for low heat
Wiring Method: Series
Required Adhesive: Epoxy rated at 250 F.
Available Options: Handlebar mounted switch housing, mini switch, variable heat controller

Bought it for $73, HG list them for $88.
$50 sounds fair to me. Shipping additional $5 or free local pick-up. Cleaning out the closet
Give those cold hands a break…

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