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Help with Seat

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So I am looking to upgrade my seat.

I like the feel of the STOCK seat. But I need something that sits a little lower in the bike.

I have been looking at the Young Guns and the Raven. Does anyone have any opinions on this.
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A friend of mine that has an upholstery shop cut out an 1 1/2 of foam and added a gel pad to my stock seat. I also have VTX shocks on it so that lowered the bike and cutting the seat lowered me. It sits very nice and comfortable....
The Corbin is a great seat, but is firmer than stock and if you go dual tourer, it seats you lower "in" the bike, but moves you closer to the tank. I also have 12" progressive shocks which lowered it a good bit. I may be cutting my stock seat like said above since I like the flow of it...
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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