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Two pictures to look at. For the throttle body picture just making sure I have the parts right. Large open hose is crankcase breather, small open hose goes to top of throttle body and appears to be a vacuum (A hypercharger had this attached to it which opened the butterfly as throttle increased). I can cap off the small hose but the crankcase breather has to go into the new intake correct?

Second picture is a busted plate with two allen screws attaching the throttle body to the cylinders (It appears to just be a stabilization point and it is matched on the right side of the throttle body by another one). Anyone able to identify this part for replacement? I can't track it down using the partzilla diagrams.

Thanks in advance, prior owner dropped the bike at slow speed so putting it all back together. Hypercharger was destroyed so replacing with a generic spike/cone air intake.
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