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Well, I read within these forum doors that the design of these gas caps is less than perfect. I have had my issues with the turn-spring and click mechanism.
i should've known when the showroom guy was like, "Ok now..just gently press down this cap and that is all. some people have had an issue with this cap".

Uh, so after the my gas cap won't open issue and having to pay to ask a mechanic to open it...I cleaned it all up.

I'm a bit soured on the design and after my own attempts to "beat it open", it would look nicer with a new cap.

so.... CAN ANYONE please ANYONE tell me if they have replaced their cap and how that worked.
> Did you use a keyless cap?
>Did you order one of the ones that are listed for Ninja?
>Can anyone:attn: tell me what the right one is?
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