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Hello all, to give you a bit of background my bandit was sitting for a couple of years after discovering that the exhaust collector had completely corroded and didn't know what to do with it. I have now fixed the exhaust system. Once the bike was running again, the engine felt rough and one of the down pipes was relatively cold compared to the other four downpipes. I disassembled the carburetor and sent it off for ultrasonic cleaning as probably the jets were blocked with old fuel residue. Once the carburetor was put back on, I reconfigured the throttle cable and second cable according to the haynes manual and I am currently trying to balance the carbs.

I have a carburetor balancing tool which i borrowed from a friend. My problem is that I get a reading for all three carburetors except the carburetor that originally had the blocked jets. I have tried screwing / unscrewing the throttle screws but doesn't seem to have an effect on that carburetor specifically (all other carbs are quite sensitivity to it).

Something that is quite noticeable is that the downpipe for that carburetor is getting very hot compared to the other ones. Any ideas what might be wrong?

Thanks very much.
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