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Dear friends,
After years of dreaming, i finally laid hands on a used low mileage n 650-2013 model.The bike rides like a dream and i instantly fell in love with it.The bike s been sparingly used and hence there are a few niggles as follows.I request my dear friends to kindly help me out..

1. Corrosion at many places especially on the engine(paint fallen off with white powdery deposits)

2. Corrosion on engine casing bolts- Sorry for this long description on this--- Ive removed some of the bolts(8mm),cleaned away the corrosion.
My question is , can i use stainless steel bolts as replacement.This is because, it is very difficult to get oem bolts in my place. Iam concerned about the bolt material,loads etc.The S.S bolts are available in the same size , but with larger head, but fits perfectly. Also, the bolts used to secure the mirror to the handlebar in my 125cc honda motorcycle is of the exact same size,pitch,head style as the n650 engine bolt.Fits perfectly too.- Not sure if i can use it.Please guide me.

3. A resonance sound from under the tank at 3 to 3500 rpm.Comes on the way up and way down. Its not a vibration from the meter or any cable vibrating on the air box. Its like a gorrr sound.It doesnt sound like a loose fastener either. Iam trying to remove the fuel tank to access the air box, but having a hard time removing the electrical connector to the fuel pump.

Many thanks in advance guys..
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