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So I've gone over 4 years of ownership with this motorcycle.
The longest I've ever owned one.
Long enough for things to start wearing out. Like the headlight bulb! The one on the right, which is supposed to be on all the time.
I had to ride to work and back with the brights on, but only one person flashed me!

I got a new bulb at the local dealer and thought it would be a simple plug & play. No, not really!

While the plug and dust cover are easy to pull off (just pull the plug straight out) and put back on, there's a clip that is a bit of a PITA!
I loosened the tiny screw on the left side, using a magnetic phillips head, thinking that I didn't want to drop the screw.
Well I loosened it just a little, thinking the clip would just flip out... and then BOINGGGG! The clip flew out! Thankfully it landed at the front of the lower fairing and was easy to fish out.

The 2 prongs that I saw then looked too small and I thought that I'd been sold the wrong new bulb. I got online and checked the parts fiche here:


to see that the bulb actually plugs into a socket and the plug goes into THAT piece, instead of the bulb. I used gloves to make sure I didn't touch the bulb but took them off right afterwards. I hate wearing latex gloves, but they're the only clean ones I had.

Installation was a bit slow because I wasn't sure how the clip was attached, since it flew out of there before I could take a photo... so I popped the plug and cover off the bright (left) side and used that as a guide.
Once I figured how the clip was supposed to be I tightened the clip with the left side screw and then spent about 5 minutes trying to get the right side into the notch that holds it. Clearly not an easy job for human fingers!

But I somehow managed to get it all back together, and it works! My first repair job on this motorcycle!

Now if it can only go another 4 years until the next job! LOL!
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