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He shoots... He SCORES!!!!.... (a cover)

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Back in August, when I got my Fizzy, it had FJR mirrors and I couldn't see jack out of them. So I found a local guy who sold me his stockers cause he replaced them with bar end mirrors then wrecked the bike. He mentioned he ahd the black fitted Yamaha FZ1 cover with the logo, that he wanted $60 for. If he had brought it at the time I my have snatched it up then. But I forgot about it....

Well last weekend when I put my baby to bed for her long winters nap I was thinking how sad it was that I was covering it with a king size bed sheet (but it was a "nice" one) So I sent the same guy an e-mail offering him $40 for it....he accepted my offer!!!!

I met him last night and completed the deal. First of all... this cover is pretty nice. Secoindly it's basiclly brand new!!! He said he only had it on the bike twice and I believe him. It's a good weight material too. Yamaha wants $100 for it on their site, so $40 seems like a GOOD deal to me!!! :dance:

Now my baby sleeps in style!!! :D
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1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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