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Having difficulties with installing front axle on 2007 650r; special techniques?

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I just replaced a warped rotor on the front of my bike and now can't seem to get the axle thread to start. Is there a trick to this? Or something that I likely screwed up? Most frustrated.:jerkit:

37k; other than a pulsing front brake at low speeds that I hopefully just fixed, it's running great.
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Just have to get it lined up. It might help to support the tire with something, a 2x4 or whatever helps hold it in place.

Worst case scenario is remove the other sides clamp bolt and push the axle through then you can thread that side onto the axle instead of trying to thread the shaft into the nut. Alignment is the key either way, not much fudge factor at all.
I use a big phillips head screwdriver put in the fork tube hole and then into the hole inside the front axle, to help get the threads to align.

Sometimes it takes several minutes before the front axle finally starts to screw into the fork tube threads.

It helps to have someone else hold the front tire while you put in the front axle.

It also helps to put a lubricant on the threads- I use chain oil but you could use anti-seize lubricant.
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I think you'r right, ZedZed, need an extra hand. Crazy that I've changed so many front tires on so many bikes including 3 on this one and hit on this and feel like a newby.
Apparently the mechanic who installed my front wheel last boogered up the threads (that mechanic was me:jerkit:). We ran the threaded axle through the left side lower about 30 times using some aluminum tapping fluid and going deeper each time, blowing the bits out each time and adding more tapping fluid. It was that tight. Once the axle was running relatively free, things went together just fine.
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