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Happy medium for windscreen?

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After buying my Ninja used and riding around for a while, I really started to dislike the aftermarket Zero G Touring windscreen it came with, as it caused quite a lot of buffeting around the head and pushed a lot of air right onto my neck and into my helmet (not the most comfortable when the temperature during the winter averaged around 40 degrees). Over spring break for my college I took a 630 mile trip from Sacramento to Los Angeles and just ended up taking the entire windscreen off, which was fantastic over the week when I was just cruising around town but ended up putting a lot of air right into my chest at a little north of highway speed limits (which I guarantee was more for my own protection from cagers than just speeding). Now I am back to a stock windscreen that I bought off of a guy on the forum here, and it is really good at keeping the air off the chest but also causes some buffeting at faster highway speeds i.e. from about 65 on. Has anyone had any luck with the aftermarket with a windscreen that is really good at cutting the wind on the chest but leaving perfectly clean air up top? I am thinking right now that over the summer what I might do is just cut the aftermarket screen down to a flyscreen and use it just to cover the dash, any thoughts on this too? Thanks in advance for the assistance! For reference I am a stockier guy, at or a little above 5'10".
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I have this wind screen on my 07 650r (http://www.RiderForums.com/showthrea...nja650Shop.com)

I bought mine used off Craigslist, I have also ridden with the ZG Touring screen too. While nothing is perfect I do like the MRA screen the best. The lip seems to clean the air up a little and get rid of a lot of the buffeting. I am 5"11 and the wind hits me at about the face shield of my helmet, that is with the adjustable lip at it's highest setting.

If you have the cash for the MRA it is a good buy.
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