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H2: The question that needs asked...

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So there's all this excitement over H2 and H2R. And it should be, production supercharged motorcycles are rare. Although there have been plenty of production bikes with forced induction already, most have been turbo charged.

Consider the rumor on estimated price for the H2, ~$25k give or take a few thousand.

Would someone be better off buying a ZX-10R (or other supersports) and adding a turbo or supercharger and having about 20k in the bike vs. 25k for a H2 or maybe even competition for the H2R on the track for about 50% of the price? ? Has this been an oversight on Kawasaki's part of developing a bike with such a supposed premium price tag?

Frankly I like the H2. I would like it better if it had a full fairing. It'll be interesting to see how it compares to the ZX-10R and other liter bikes on the track. But if I were going to do anything, I'd probably lean more this way than buying an H2.

ZX-10R: $14,000
Turbo Kit: $4500 (250 hp, Velocity Racing Kawasaki ZX10r Turbo Kit 04-07 :: Motorcycle Parts :: McCoy Motorsports)
Insallation: $2000 (just guessing adding some padding in for tuning etc., DIY would reduce)
Total: $20,500, 25 more hp

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Hi guys ,if your look at a collectable the H2 is not the bike it has been mass produced,
i have a H2 and talk to Kawasaki about a H2R but at $89,000 AU and not being able to ride it on the road again not a collectable the ZX10RR only had 1000 made this will be a collectable and i have one of them too :)
only small numbers were sent to each country 500 to the US, 300 to Europe ,Australia 20 , small numbers in the rest of the world.
on the tack and in the mountains zx10 beat the H2
weight is the problem because that superchager make the bike hard to pull up.
on the high way H2 and 1400 are the best for quick high speed
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