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H2: The question that needs asked...

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So there's all this excitement over H2 and H2R. And it should be, production supercharged motorcycles are rare. Although there have been plenty of production bikes with forced induction already, most have been turbo charged.

Consider the rumor on estimated price for the H2, ~$25k give or take a few thousand.

Would someone be better off buying a ZX-10R (or other supersports) and adding a turbo or supercharger and having about 20k in the bike vs. 25k for a H2 or maybe even competition for the H2R on the track for about 50% of the price? ? Has this been an oversight on Kawasaki's part of developing a bike with such a supposed premium price tag?

Frankly I like the H2. I would like it better if it had a full fairing. It'll be interesting to see how it compares to the ZX-10R and other liter bikes on the track. But if I were going to do anything, I'd probably lean more this way than buying an H2.

ZX-10R: $14,000
Turbo Kit: $4500 (250 hp, Velocity Racing Kawasaki ZX10r Turbo Kit 04-07 :: Motorcycle Parts :: McCoy Motorsports)
Insallation: $2000 (just guessing adding some padding in for tuning etc., DIY would reduce)
Total: $20,500, 25 more hp

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I cannot wait to see some actual performance tests done with these two amazing new bikes.

If one more person tells me the H2R is going to go 250MPH stock I am going to scream...lol Be neat to see how fast it does go though.

It reminds me of the Dodge Tomahawk. They said it would do 400 mph. Same motor as the Viper, which did not crack 200 mph at the time, and somehow on a less aerodynamic vehicle the same power goes twice as fast? People are gullible.

Be nice to see what they actually do as far as lap times, 1/4 times, and top speeds.

I wish I had one of each :)
The H2 is electronically limited to 186 mph like everything else. That is confirmed as I see it.

My understanding is the H2 will make 200 HP, and the H2R will make 300 HP.

I read an article that said the H2 was limited to 185 electronically, but that with it's gearing and max rpm it could go 209 mph. Thats fun to read, but not real life.
You will do your highest top speed when geared for the HP peak, not the max rpm's. Also the rear tire spins faster than road speed on these types of runs so it's not one to one.
At the end of the day no one knows yet really. The H2 is limited to 186 per the gentlemen's agreement. A stock unrestricted bike no one has actually tested yet.

I personally would be surprised if the H2 goes quicker than the Busa or the 14 in the 1/4. It sits higher, it has a shorter wheelbase, and has a more abrupt torque response down low, and I believe a bit shorter gearing. the 14 and the Bus do good at drag racing because they are low and long from the start with a good front weight bias. This bike does not have that. I would not be shocked to see that it was a bit slower in ET, but a littler better in MPH.

My real curiosity is what the H2R will do on the drag strip. I will be a bit surprised if about 10 teams did not order an H2R to drag race it. Imagine a stock motored bike that is lower and longer with 300 HP. You are deep in the 8's.

It will be fun to see what happens.
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Well obviously I disagree with some of what you say, well most actually but I am not trying to be argumentative. You have been very calm and cool thus far so I will be the same.

The H2 is a street bike. It is under the same agreement all Japanese sportbikes are under, and as such is electronically limited to 300 kph/186mph. I will try and go find the link to the article that shows that, just for a more factual debate. Also that same article says just based on gearing that the bike would do 209 mph. Now that number is in a perfect world with no wind drag and no tire spin. Meaning even unrestricted and everything in the world is perfect (which it never is) with stock gearing 209 mph is as fast as it will go.

I don't believe any H2's have been shipped yet, so I am not sure how anyone could claim any number on one yet? But even so using the speedo is a grossly inaccurate way to measure top speed. Many speedo's have an optimistic reading, coupled with tire spin at speed and you get crazy numbers. This is the exact same thing as all the Busa guys claiming they went 200 mph cause the speedo said so. It is blissful ignorance, IMHO.

When I said lower, as part of lower and longer, I did not mean actual ground clearance. I should have been a bit more specific. I believe the 14 and the Busa have a lower center of gravity. They both have longer wheelbase's, and I believe they both have better swingarm angles for drag racing. In drag racing you want the swingarm flat to the ground. But not so in road racing, as that would kill traction coming out of a corner, and make the bike hard to turn.

Lower CG and better swingarm angle, with a (slightly, but in reality 1 inch on a 55 inch wheelbase is significant) longer wheelbase= factory drag bikes to me.

The H2 look to be built to be more of a super sport, where road racing is the name of the game. Higher center of Gravity, shorter wheelbase, road race inspired swingarm angle.

I am not going to get into weight savings. To be honest I think it is a moot point. There are weight saving things that can be done to any bike, with similar results.

My interest is in a stock to stock comparison.

I am very confident this will not be a low 9 second bike in stock form. I have run low 9's before, and don't see any tall road race bike leaving hard enough to make that happen. You need to be low 1.60's 60ft to be low 9's. (you can run low 9's with less power, but then the 60ft has to be improved accordingly). Plus the problem will be it has plenty of power, but how much of that power can it use during the run? Once slammed and geared it will use all of it, and I won't be shocked to see a completely stock engined H2 on pump gas get into the 8's. But that will be lower and longer, piped, mapped, geared, drag tire, clutch mods, and a light and great rider.

This is my opinion, I could be completely wrong. I have though earned my opinion with many hundred if not over a thousand motorcycle pass's down the 1/4. Quickest of which was 9.23 @ 158. (should have been in the 8's, we had the power 230 rwhp, but I could not get the clutch figured out). Drag racing is very easy. being competitive at it is amazingly difficult.

It will be interesting to see the bikes tested. I will not be listening to any times from Gadson...lol His idea of stock motorcycle is VERY different from mine.
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I would be willing to bet in a real world application(cruising with your buddies) in a roll on contest with the zx14r, bmws1000rr or any other literbike that the supercharged bike will win for sure stock/stock. I'm sure a light weight rider on a zx14r that is geared piped, pc etc would be able to hang with the h2. However, for most of us bolt on to bolt on (pipes, gearing etc) the h2 will dominate with just and ecu flash.

Now the problem is I need someone to sponsor me so I can test this theory. lol

I've got a built s1000rr that makes 204 hp that I would like to do a roll on with and h2.
I think this depends on the speed at which it is started. it is only my opinion, but at lower speeds I think the H2 will have an advantage. At higher speeds I think the 14 would have an advantage.

I think an H2 with a real ECU reflash will see 240 Hp pretty easy. That may or may not equate to 120 ft/lbs like the 14 is making. Time will tell.

It shows Kawasaki's marketing geniuses though as we are all talking about it on the interweb.
Actually in roll-on test 14R is not the fastest bike by far. In defining a "roll-on" I mean acceleration from a point in a gear, usually performed in a higher gear iin a specific speed range (not downshifting). A 14 owner on another forum said he was pissed because his son's CBR1000 beat his 14 in roll-on every time and he thought the 14/R is supposed to be the fastest bike on the planet. Well, all it takes is a trip to a site that list roll-on performance and it's there in black and white the CBR is faster in the roll-on test they perform.

In outright acceleration a 14 should make pretty short work of a CBR 1000. It would even take a fairly significant mistake for a 14 owner to lose. But in a roll-on test, generally a 14 will lose to a CBR 1000 every time.
i have absolutely no idea what this post was meant to prove? very odd. looks like back tracking to me.
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