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H2 Cost??

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Went to the local kawi dealership today, he told me the H2 is going to cost 25000$, i have a hard time believing him...
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The Vmax is around 18 grand.

I could see it being 25 grand if the frame and suspension components match the engine output performance. You can spend $15,000 on top tier suspension components.
I went to my dealer yesterday to get a part for my bike, and I mentioned what they thought about the H2. They said it was going to be an extremely limited product and they weren't even sure they were going to get one (Koups Cycle Shop in Harrisburg, not some tiny meaningless store). Who knows, maybe they just meant a race version or something?

I'm sure if you pre-bought one they would get it.
1 - 2 of 39 Posts
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