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H2 Cost??

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Went to the local kawi dealership today, he told me the H2 is going to cost 25000$, i have a hard time believing him...
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I'm guessing $22,999. Thats not much money, really, as compared to even a small car.

There is a book out called "Japans Motorcycle Wars" that talks abotu the companies that are left. At one time, there were 200 Japanese motorcycle companies. Now we have four. The four companies were hand picked to survive, and they will always be there. Honda, Kawasaki, and Yamaha woudl step in to save Suzuki, if needed.

The companies compete, and want to win, but not a fight to the death. Its more a sparring match with a sense of fair play and honor.
I think you could go with a higher price....30k really is not all THAT much if you start pricing sportscars. A premium motorcycle, performance above all others..maybe???
If its in that mentioned price range, it missed a mark the other Kawasaki performance bikes hit, which is can anyone buy one. The older bikes, yes. They were priced in the neighborhood, or below other machines they competed with.
1 - 3 of 39 Posts
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