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Group Buy Rules/Procedures

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The Group Buy forums are new, and the process may evolve with experience.... but here's the basic rules for now:

The Group Buy forums are the authorized spot on the site for members to request group buys on items that they want and feel that other members will be interested in. Members can start a group buy request by just creating a new thread in the Group Buy forum. Other members can respond if they're interested in the group buy. The Authorized Vendors on the site will be monitoring the group buy threads, and will respond with offers for group buy pricing when there is enough interest. In the event that none of the authorized vendors can offer a group price on the item, and a member thinks they have a line on a vendor who can, the member can contact the Admin or a Moderator for approval to post the other vendor's offer.

We hope this is a win-win scenario for all of us; the members get group buy pricing on popular items, the Authorized Vendors get first shot at offering the group buy items, and the site benefits by having happy Authorized Vendors who value their presence here and will continue to fund the cost of keeping the site up and running. :)
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I have found that a common buy issue would be the Progressive Fork Springs. They are difficult to find for our bike. Is anyone interested in this? Also 17 tooth sprockets would be nice, as well as some body parts like belly pans and huggers.
Mike A.
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