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Got rear ended at stop light

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All the talks about the intersection being the most dangerous location for motorcyclist came true for me this morning to work. I was stopped a red light behind a car with another car behind me. We were all stopped waiting for the light to turn green. The light turns green, the car in front of me hasn't started to move yet and suddenly I felt a powerful force pushing me quickly into the bumper of the car in front of me. Next thing I know, bike had smashed into the rear bumper of car in front and I was sprawled on the asphalt.

The LEO was called and when they got on site, the scariest part of the incident was revealed. 1) The driver behind me told the LEO that he was rushing because he was running late to work. 2) He also told officers that he didn't see me or my bike at all. Witnesses told officers that they saw him talking on the phone when he ran me into the car in front. When he was asked by the LEO about the phone usage; driver admits that he was calling his wife and arguing with her.

I am okay, minor aches but nothing serious. My bike is in much worser condition though. Pretty much everything on the left side is damaged; mirror, shifter, scratched fairing, cracked windshield and headlights. AAA came to pickup my bike and is currently being evaluated. I have the day off from work now....sigh.

Be safe out there kindred riders...
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Wow sucky and scary. With him at total fault hopefully his insurance will take care of ur bike. I had someone tap me a stop sign once, but I managed to keep the bike up
Talk about a combo of worst case scenarios...
Glad you are alright.
Tough break for the bike.
Im sure all will end up well as far as a fix or replacement.
Try to enjoy the weekend.
Hope he got charged with lots.

Glad you're ok.
Glad your okay, chity way to start the 3 day weekend
I had big plans for the Labor Day weekend too. Had planned on riding both Saturday and Sunday on the Mindoro Cut 108 with my friends for the first time. Plans a bust for me now. Sitting here at home, I got thinking about cell phone usage. It has got to be the biggest factor in the incident this morning. He clearly had several factors going like rushing because he is late to work and being distracted because he didn't even see that I was in front of him. However the phone usage was clearly the catalyst.

All in all, I am glad it's the bike and not me that's damaged. Machinary can always be fixed or replaced but humans can't. I was stopped about 6 feet behind the front car. I believe this accident was preventable but what could I do in the future to prevent/minimize getting rear ended again? I just can't see how I can go about doing this without adding a louder exhaust to sing out "I'm HERE, I'm HERE!!" - flashback of "Horton hears a Who".
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I believe this accident was preventable but what could I do in the future to prevent/minimize getting rear ended again?
Sorry about your situation. That's the reason I always filter between cars at traffic lights. Good thing it's legal here in CA. I dunno the answer for you though.
You know how we all preach and try to practice the "your riding with harrys invisible cloak on"/assume no one can see you, etc..?

With that in mind...

Very often I fore go riding into work even though the day might be beautiful and I have no outside circumstance preventing me from riding that day (no client meetings, no visits to any drinking buddies, etc..) for the exact reasoning that led to your situation.

We already have our invisible cloak mentality on for what we consider to be the regular cage driver... but drivers in the morning are a whole new breed. They are less attentive, more groggy, more in a rush and much more likely to not give a crap about whats going on around them. There are more cars, packed in tighter, and personally I am NOT a morning person which leaves room for ME to miss something important. They are literally in a different mode of operation on weekday mornings.

I guess you can compare it to going to the local zoo vs. an open six flags safari or something.

There is no way that guy "didn't see you" per-say. That could be a good excuse for a blind spot or something. But a standing bike, sitting still behind a car? This didn't happen until the light turned green so he had to pull up and obviously stop without hitting you. He saw you then. So your telling me he wouldn't have seen a stray pedestrian in the same manner he didn't see you? Stupid... that guy better pay for every nick and scratch on you and your bike. Glad your ok and you were able to walk away.
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Glad to hear you are ok.
Glad you're okay, but it seems 650's on this forum have been getting into numerous accidents these past few months/weeks. Shat is no goost at allll.
driver admits that he was calling his wife and arguing with her.
Imagine the arguments they are having now haha

Hope it works out for ya
Glad your okay now get a lawyer it's the only way you will get something for your trouble.
That stinks, at least you're ok. That's one reason why I don't use the phone while driving. Something so silly can ruin a lot of ppls day. I bet the guy feels pretty freakin stupid rite now.
That stinks. I hope you take that a$$hole to the cleaners. The 650R has really bright LED's on the taillight - esp when the brakes are applied. Anytime that I was stopped at an intersection, I would flash the brake light continuously. It really gets people's attention - because it sits almost at eye level to the driver. I still do this on my new bike, its a good habit, and it works. I also am an avid advocate of high vis gear - who knows maybe a bright yellow vest would have caught his attention in time. Glad you are ok - take his insurance to the cleaners, and get that bike fixed. Try to keep an eye on those mirrors so that you can see who is coming up behind you.
Glad you're okay Ayu!!
Glad to hear that you got out relatively unscathed, bummer about your bike. What a douche.
Sorry to hear but the damage sounds like you are lucky.
Can you share more about the accident as I am wondering if your circumstances could have been changed or improved:

What color gear were you wearing? (if any)
I assume it was a black bike... Black helmet and jacket too?

Were you on the brake while stopped at the light or were you sitting without your hand or foot on the brake, and was your rear brake light working? Did you have the clutch in with your left hand?
And do you have stock mirrors positioned where you could easily see behind you?

Where in the lane were you. 6 feet behind the car in front is pretty good and should give enough room to maneuver around it to safety.

Did you go to the hospital or see a lawyer ASAP?

Finally, how much is the estimate to repair the bike? or will it get totaled out?
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I would flash the brake light continuously. It really gets people's attention
I do that even when there's no one behind me because of habit. When there's a car behind me, I flash the light and also rock side to side simultaneously to make sure I'm seen.
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