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I'm gauging interest here but I have a 2008 Z1000 that I'm thinking about selling.

The bike is great and love the look but I'm thinking about upgrading to something else.

Everything is mint, but the bike did tip over 3 times (due to crappy stock stand)... I had to replace the stator outter cover and one of my bar end mirror. Also replacing stock gas cap (got stuck) and rear tire (got a screw driver in it).

In any case here is that list of what's on it:

Brand new (55mi) Michelin Pilot Pure 190/50. Front stock with plenty of treat left.
Pazzo levers.
Clear Alternative tail light with integrated signals
Undertail eliminator.
Keyless gas cap.
Speedo healer (new one with max speed recall)
DK Project frame sliders (saved the bike from lots of damage during those tip overs).
Sprockets: 44/14 (from 42/15)
Fork Sliders
Swing arm spools
Bar end mirrors
Mods: shorten stand 1/2" and quick action throttle (short ratio).

I have a bunch of stock parts and a couple oil filters for it... I've been putting Amsoil full synthetic since 1k miles. All documentation and there may be still a factory warranty on it (I'll have to check).

Have title (clear) in had.
Located in south east PA, near York and MD border.
VIN: JKAZRCB178A018838

Thinking about $6500 obo.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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