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I just added two safety things to the headlights of my 07 Z1000 so that cages see me better: DoubleTronics high beam module (http://veiligmotorrijden.pageprocessor.nl/?rubriekId=1816) and Kisan high beam modulator (www.kisan.com). They were easy to install, once I ignored some of Kawasaki's disassembly instructions.

The DoubleTronics module lights the high beam (at 40% brightness, max) when the lights are on Low. There are a couple of threads here about it. The Kisan modulates the high beam (between about 20% and 60%) whenever it's on in the daytime.

I bought the DoubleTronics by mistake. I thought it was a modulator like the Kisan. When I realized it wasn't, I took the Kisan off my old bike. It's the cheapest one, designed for bucket headlights.

The Kisan's gotta be more effective--it's way brighter--but now I've got the best of both. In the daytime I've got the Kisan modulating the high beam; at night I've got the DoubleTronics partly lighting the high beam on Low.

Yeah, $$$$$.

To install the DoubleTronics, just remove the windscreen and follow the manufacturer's directions. To install the Kisan, turn the handlebars to the right and reach into the back of the headlight assembly, past the fork tube. You can just grab the headlight plug and pull.

Now I have to figure out how to install the driving lights from my old bike.
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