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FS: 636 Gauge Adapter Bracket

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Alright, I was cleaning up in the garage last night and came across some things I'm not using anymore.

This is a bracket adapter that I made to use a 636 speedo/gauge in the stock location on your 06'-08' bike (might work on the new models, but not 100% on that). It's made out of 7175 T6 aircraft aluminum, which means it's really tough stuff and will probably outlast your bike. Basically it works by securing the 636 speedo to the inner holes, and picks up the stock mounting locations with the outer holes. It's simple and works great, I had no issues at all when I was using it. Since the Catalyst bodywork uses a whole new fairing bracket, I no longer need this adapter. Just gave it a fresh coat of gloss black engine enamel, so the pics show the adapter upside down, hanging from zip ties for paint. Additional pics are available upon request!

$30 shipped anywhere in the ConUS.
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Do you have any pics of what this looks like on the bike?
Price is $30 shipped anywhere in the ConUS, listed below the initial pics.

At first I didn't think I had any of the gauge installed on my stock fairing bracket, but I did some digging and managed to find some from before I switched to the Catalyst. It's a pretty good example of how it will look; the only visible parts of the adapter bracket are the far upper edges, as you'll see in the pics. There is plenty of room for the speedo connector on the front of the gauge.

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Sure can. I haven't taken measurements on this one to keep, but I will do that before this "one off" goes out the door. I never intended to make more than just this one, for myself, but if there's interest I'll make them. I have plenty of sheet metal laying around lol!
My gauge is an '05, so any year except for prior to '03 will work I believe. Paypal addy is brown1cb AT erau DOT edu :)
Still for sale. Mike pm me if you are still interested.
Updated: New price. $30 shipped to the ConUs.

Still for sale, will save you the time and hassle of mounting if you convert to the 636 gauges.
Got it. Thanks Mike. PM me your shipping info, it didn't come through with the paypal transaction.

NOTICE: If anyone would still like one of these, just let me know. Although the original is sold, I took dimensions and I can fab another one out for you. Price is still the same: $30 shipped to the ConUS.
Did u modify the inner fairing to mount the 636 gauge
Did u modify the inner fairing to mount the 636 gauge
Nope no modification is needed, you can still use it. I just took mine off.
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