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front axle

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I was riding on my favorite stretch of road today and noticed a horrible shimmy in the front end. Thinking it was time to get a new front tire (9000 mi), I continued on my route and didn't give it much more thought until I got home. I then started to inspect the remaining rubber on the front tire and holy s*#+ the front wheel was loose. My axle had come loose just enough to give the front end a wiggle. I loosened the two allen heads up front and found two full rotations of turn on the axle.

Everyone may want to check yours. It was a pretty scary feeling thinking of a great lean angle going bad.
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The outside allen screw was tight but the inside one was loose. I guess it was a good thing that the outside one was not loose, or the whole thing might of come apart. Pretty scary thought. This is the first bike I have owned that had a backup for the axle. But it is the first bike that had an axle come loose. Go figure!!:rolleyes:
No. The bike did not come with the 12mm allen. You would think that kawi would throw one in the tool kit. But what is in there that is really useful?!! I pretty much trashed the stock kit and filled it with craftsman grade tools.
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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