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Friendly Reminder

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I've seen posts in the past about various loose nuts and bolts that are common on the ZR-7(S) that account for various rattles and buzzes on our bikes.

Last night, I did a quick check of my bike looking for them. I found:

-4 of 8 exhaust nuts were loose with 1 barely more than hand tight.
-2 of 4 of the 6mm axel bolts were a little loose
-3 of 4 of the 4mm fairing bolts were loose in varying degrees

The bike wasn't what I would consider to be noisy before checking, but was noticably quieter riding into work this morning. When you have a few minutes, you might want to go over your bike. I admit that what I found suprised me and I'm going to make a note to add this to my periodic maintenance check list.

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Tom Bozeman said:
Yes Martin, it was your advice some time ago that I ordered the relatively inexpensive torque wrench from Harbor Freight.com that solved my exhaust bolt problems. Thanks again, Man, Tom :D

Lots of torque wrenches at HarborFreight.com. Did you need more than one? What did you get?
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