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I've decided to buy an SV-650S, so I'm selling my red 2001 ZR-7S.

My bike has had a short but eventful life, leaving it less than perfect cosmetically.

One week after I bought it, someone bashed out the right side spark plug with a brick, so there are a few scratch marks on the cylinder. I had the cyclinder flushed and the socket rethreaded.

The bike has been tipped over twice. Once, I forgot to take off the disc lock and went down (slowly) on the right side. Another time, I passed a truck which was stopped at an intersection on the right side. The truck then made a right hand turn in front of me, and I was forced to lean the bike over to avoid the truck. He missed me, but I was unable to keep the bike upright and it went down on its right side again. As a result of these two incidents, the muffler has a few scratches and a small ding. There is also a 3/4" nick on the fairing and some scratches on the windshield.

Otherwise...the bike is running beautifully. I just had a new air filter installed. The 1st service was performed at 650 miles. The 3-4k service has yet to be performed. I did just have the oil & oil filter replaced as well.

I'd like to get $4400 and no less for the bike. If interested, please reply to this message or email me at [email protected]t.com. The bike is in San Francisco, CA.


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