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first wreck but the best kind

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So on friday a lady decided to back over my parked bike. At first she drove off but a customer at my store followed her out of the parking lot and she decided to come back. She didn't dispute the claim with her inssurance. The adjuster came out yesterday and 90% sure it's totaled due to a bent fork but won't know for sure till kawi does the scannext week. I guess I'm lucky that my first wreck and I was in an office chair but it still sucks. I just hope it's not totaled
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Ouch. Sorry to hear about the bike, but glad it's going to be handled right.
Depending on the bike you might be better off if it is totalled. They will give you book value, but you can still get some new '09 leftovers for a great deal. you might be able to get a new bike and pocket some money.
I can't believe that lady was gonna drive off! What a lack of responsibility and disregard for others she must have.
At least she admitted she was wrong after getting caught! Although I'm not sure how you'd argue hitting something stationary...
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