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Finally decide to upgrade my headlight to HID projector.

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have done a lot research regarding upgrading the lights. so far the HID is still the best option.
I chose the 35w ones.
the hid set i bought from ebay has devil eye already, after i installed it i found out they are CCFL rings, because they are not bright at all in day light.
i should have get the led ones. but it was too late.
Moreover, the led strip is not bright enough in the day light either, and the turn signal of one strip is already malfunction.
I got what i paid for , can't complaint too much. we need to turn the Lo/Hi beam on anyway in daytime riding. dimmer evil eye is fine.
overall i am happy with it, 2 projectors + 2 strips only cost me 100 bucks . it has been working well for almost a month. Let's see how long it could last.

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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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