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FINALLY. A Motorcycle Forum! Intro + Small request

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Holy moly, it is hard to find a Bandit forum I can get into, with all the anti-spam measures they are all taking! Go figure it's a sub section of a Kawasaki forum. Well, THANK YOU Rider Forums!

Behold... Jane:
Land vehicle Vehicle Motorcycle Car Motor vehicle

I also made a brief video of her for YouTube here:

Shortly after getting her, I did the following:
- Fresh semi-synthetic oil change with high quality "wrench off" oil filter
- New JT front and rear sprockets
- New DID heavy-duty rivet-secured chain
- New front and rear Continental Motion tires
- New Venhill braided steel clutch and rear brake lines
- New NGK spark plugs
- New air filter
- New OEM gaskets used for valve adjustment
- New EBC front brake pads
- New OEM Suzuki rear brake pads
- Carbs just rebuilt with OEM gaskets and parts
- Carbs just synchronized with Morgan CarbTune Pro
- New OEM parts wherever they were needed (just some bolts, grommets, the fuel hose, etc)
- Fresh hydraulic fluids all around

- LED flasher for proper blink speed on the high visibility LED rear turn signals
- All-day-touring-comfort Sargent seat
- Handlebar risers for upright riding position
- Engine guards
- PAIR emissions junk removed

Sorry to start off with a cry for help, but I'm having an issue with the last item on the list, the last thing I performed - the PAIR removal. Ever since I took it off, I'm getting a bit of backfiring, popping in the carbs, and slight jerking while riding. Everything points to a rich running condition, despite everything being stock (minus the PAIR block off plates). One solution would be to reinstall PAIR, I suppose, but I'd really rather not. I don't want to spend the money on a new intake, exhaust, and jet kit setup (nor the time - I just want to ride!).

My understanding from what I read is that removing PAIR is harmless, so I'm surprised to be running into this. There was slight backfiring before removal, but this just made it worse. So I'm considering removing the baffle from the stock exhaust and opening up the airbox a bit. Any other suggestions for a quick fix to a rich running condition? I'm getting really sick of wrenching more than I ride, at this point!

Thanks for reading!
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