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FINALLY 2010 Z1000 gets a ZX10r motor !

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I want one except I probably have a Goldwing to purchase first - the misses wants to go riding to.
I love the looks of the 2010 and hope the suspension and brakes actually work, but I don't see where it has a ZX10 motor?

I've been hearing horsepower and torque are actually down compared to generation 1 and 2 Z1000's?! Has anyone seen any CREDIBLE dyno numbers or a full report?
Hey y'all... I stand corrected!

Found this at OWD. Looks like the 2010 DOES have a detuned, 136 HP, ZX10 motor! See here

OneWheelDrive is usually a very reliable source. That's exciting!!! :)
Where do yo see that it is an ZX-10R motor?

Im 99% sure its still an bored ZX-9R motor..
I gotta say... That frame looks like it WILL hold a 1400 motor !!!:FIREdevil
It is, in fact, still a 9 motor with diff. bore and stroke to get the extra cc's and power numbers.
It says it is an "all new" engine.
:alcy: What he said...

Not a ZX9 and not a ZX10... its a Z1000 engine!
All new 1040cc engine. Interesting that Kwak would put the R&D into a new engine for the Zed, expect to see all kinds of new Kwaks powered by this unit in the next few years.
2010 ZX-10R:
Displacement- 998 cc
Bore and Stroke- 76.0 x 55.0 mm
Compression Ratio- 12.9:1
Fuel System- Fuel injection: ø43 mm x 4 (Keihin) with oval sub-throttles, dual injection
Lubrication- Forced lubrication, wet sump with oil cooler

2010 Z1000:
Displacement- 1,043 cc
Bore and Stroke- 77.0 x 56.0 mm
Compression Ratio- 11.8:1
Fuel System- Fuel injection: ø38 mm x 4 (Keihin) with oval sub-throttles
Lubrication- Forced lubrication, wet sump

2010 Z1000 Technology:
"Engineers wanted to offer superb throttle response, power delivery with a hit in mid-range, and a seductive intake howl with just the right amount of engine vibration to make accelerating an exhilarating experience.

All-new liquid-cooled, DOHC, 16-valve 1,043 cc engine offers a greater power output (138 PS) and stronger torque than that of the previous Z1000. The new displacement was chosen with the desire to maintain the Z1000 name.

Bore and stroke of 77.0 x 56.0 mm were chosen to achieve the desired engine character. Compare this to the bore and stroke of the 2008 Z1000 and 2009 Ninja ZX-10R:
2008 Z1000 - 77.2 x 50.9 mm
2009 Ninja ZX-10R - 76.0 x 55.0 mm

A bore slightly smaller than that of its predecessor, but larger than that of the Ninja ZX-10R, and a stroke longer than both of these result in an engine very strong in the everyday rpm range most used by Super Nakeds. Power delivery is quite linear, but the engine spins up noticeably faster from about 7,000 rpm onwards. Silky smooth response from mid-high rpm ensures excellent driveability.

Crankshaft and transmission shafts are arranged in a straight line (compared to the Ninja ZX-10R, which uses a triangular layout).

New cool air system uses ducts to direct fresh (cool) air into the air cleaner. Positioning the ducts close to the rider allows the intake sound when accelerating to be enjoyed.

New chassis:
Designed to maximize enjoyment of sport riding on the street, the new aluminium twin-tube frame was designed specifically for the 2010 Z1000. Similar in concept to the frame of the Ninja ZX-10R, the frame beams go over the engine (on a supersport model the frame beams would be much stiffer). Ninja ZX-10R-style footpegs with knurling offer good grip, more direct feel and control, and also contribute to the sporty look."

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Didn't people rate the K3 Suzuki GSXR1000 as being the best road bike out of the entire range due to it's engine being stroked this way? Add ram air for top end kick and kawasaki might be onto a winner!

Can't wait to try / read up a review on one.
Wow just read the motorcycle.com review. Too impatient to read this whole thread so I apologise if this has already been said. This is the bike that the 2007+ should have been. Slightly upset after reading about this bike because I just moved into a new house and can't afford a new bike. :blowup:
Just got the new Motorcyclist magazine and they too say it's a detuned 10r motor.
Never going to happen. And if it does, I'll admit I was wrong for the first time in my life.
Don't know if someone quoted you on this yet ;)
Just got the new Motorcyclist magazine and they too say it's a detuned 10r motor.
Don't know if someone quoted you on this yet ;)
What difference does it make what reviewers say... Kawasaki says its an all-new engine...:boxing:
What difference does it make what reviewers say... Kawasaki says its an all-new engine...:boxing:

The mags have said based on, drawn from and adapted from the ZX10 motor but have not said a ZX10. I have read HP from a high of 136 to a low of north of 120, who really knows at this point. Once the beast hits the show room we all will have a better understanding
I thought he was referring to the z1k being produced at all. No worries though, i was just being a goof by quoting him, just joking around :)

The new z1k looks pretty darn sweet though!
Can I put a 2013 motor on a 2008 frame it's a 2008 z1000 and I bought a used 2013 engine w/o a harness or stator or clutch cover. Can I make what I got hook up and run or what will I have to do
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