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fi code 21 crank shaft sensor

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Hi guys I need some help on the crank shaft sensor. I tested the resistance it check at 455 ohms but failed the voltmeter test. Also failed the infinite resistance test so I am guessing its fried. I check the wires on it and the black one had some wounding in it, possible grounded on the frame and cause it to die.

Do I need to drain the oil to get the sensor out? The part is called pulsating coil sensor.

Prior to this I was having a hard time starting the motorcycle. It felt like the ignition switch was loose and not cranking so I check that switch expecting water damage but it was so clean so it puzzled me. After that the 10A fuse from the fi had some white stuff on if so I replace it with the spare then the Mc started running again until I went outside and it just died. There is some priming sound under the tank but there is no crank when I start here up, then fi light turns on code 21. I am guessing the sensor harness got shorted because I gave her a wash then started her up.
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I think I disconnected the Ecu when I soldered it but not sure if it was before or after lol. Anyways I will try the battery, could it be also the spark plug? the thing is bone stock no mods except for the light leds I put which I took off prior to fixing this and its connected directly to the battery, fuse with a switch.
I have a 2017 ninja 650 throwing codes 21 and 62. I tested the crankshaft sensor and got a reading of 238. Any idea?
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