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Hey guys, I have an 08 650r, and I need to replace my left upper fairings (metallic diablo black) and I'm searching all over and i keep finding 09 Black ones on eBay, will those fit on the 08s, or did they re design them for 09 (if that were the case then i'd probably need a full set for the design/colors to match). I cant seem to find the part number for the 08s, but the 09 one is 55026-0234

Thanks for the help!
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oh whoops it was the center cowling I was referring to, and i was trying to find one cheaper than $210+shipping... are they interchangeable 09 and 08? thanks
Not interchangeable. Best best is scowling ebay and hoping to find a used one off a bike, or bite the bullet and pay full price.
As was said, none of the coloured bits except for maybe the front fender are interchangeable. Even the fuel tank and seat are different.
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