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Forgive me if this is the wrong forum for this review, but I ordered a set of gloves first thing in the morning on last Monday. Late last night, one calendar week later, I finally received a shipping notification. Maybe I'm impatient, but in today's age I'd expect things to be done a little more quickly. And since it's coming from SoCal to NoFlo, it'll probably be another week before I receive the gloves. Since the $100+ free shipping didn't apply, I'll also add that I paid the $8 for s/h, so there's a little more annoyance there.

Before making the purchase, the only reviews I could find were on SuperBike from 2006 and those guys were happy with their purchases...especially since everything arrived EARLIER than expected.

If I'm whining, I'm sorry. Just trying to put the facts out there.

I'd give them 5 stars on the price of the gloves, but 2 stars on the shipping speed and no communication to say that it'd take this long.
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