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Exhaust leak

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I just got my Two Bros Black Series CF slipons installed on my 08 Z1k and have a slight leak on the right exhaust where the mid-pipe connects behind the cat. I've tried loosening the coupler up and retightening it, but there is still a slight leak. Is this typical, or should I make sure it's 100% tight? From talking to a few people I should be able to buy an inexpensive roll or exhaust tape to help seal the exhaust where it connects. Is this the best route, or is there a better way to go about this? I know it can be wielded, I just feel like that's overkill, and in the event I want to sell the bike years later I can't just put the stock exhaust back on.
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Sorry for the double post.
I had this also.
Just install the coupler at the outer edge of the joint. This should seal the deal.
I did it on both sides and never had a leak again.
I messed with it last night and had to untighten everything, then retighten it all. I also ended up turning the midpipe a little bit, and now it seems to be better.
Thanks for the advice!
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