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I have a 2020 Ninja 650 ABS. I put a K&n air filter, and a two brothers s1r full exhaust system on my bike. I flashed my bike with FTECU (bike side harness) unrestricted file for my Ecu number. Everything was good except it was running a little lean. So I went and had it tuned at a local dyno shop. They did great job tuning it. It feels so much better than stock. Smooth throttle, sounds amazing, rides fantastic nothing wrong with the bike... But the little orange check engine light. The light came on when they were all done tuning the bike. They called ftecu and spoke to them and they have no idea why a 3A code is popping up. My bike is a non-California model. So in other words that's one code that my bike shouldn't be throwing. My bike doesn't have the purge valve on it.

Tried reflashing the bike.
Tried clearing the code with a code reader
Tried clearing the code by just riding it.
Tried leaving the battery unplugged.

I'd like the light off so I know when there is a actual problem.

If anyone has any ideas it would be appreciated.
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