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Celebrating GG's last day in Perth with an aussie meal.

Gotta build up GG's vitamins because tomorrow he's be back to bush tucker (or Andre's Canadian canned fish? or Mr's Mac's Pies? or one minute noodle soup?)


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Here is a perfect zr7 hostess

We are dining on Tasmanian Salmon steaks and fresh silverbeet, carrots and saute pomme de terre, washed down with Margaret River export quality vin du cardboard blanc vin.

We are having such fun riding zr7's up in the hills, touring and viewing Perth's beautiful surroundings and now a finishing touch to a perfect day with a meal to remember. We have Jackson Browne singing in the background.....ok Jackson you can home now.

yap yap yap

gg at Perth.

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fancy dinner, tour guide, maintaince stop, the list goes on.

better be careful jessica or graeme might start making this an annual trip!

then theres the rest of the forum, you might double perths motorcycle tourism single handed:)

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Seems just right!

The perfect hostess.:angel:

The perfect guest. :eek:

The perfect way to wrap up a visit! :cool:

Sounds like your stay in Perth was more than you could have hoped for!

I hope the balance of your journey (adventure?) is just a wonderful!

Keep in touch GG!!:headbang:
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