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I had my ZR-7 run on the Dyno today, as I wanted a baseline reading prior to doing any modifications. The results were almost identical to the results Holeshot shows on their web site. Peak Horsepower at 9,000 RPM was right at 65 hp. Peak torque (43 lbs) was obtained at about 5,500 RPM and remained constant to 7,000 RPM where it started to drop. Cycle Dynamics in Phoenix, AZ did the dyno run. They use a Dynojet 150 dynamometer.

My jet kit arrived in the mail yesterday and ordered a Yoshimura titanium race slip-on today. I am going to order the Wiseco 810 kit here real soon. I am going to run the stock cams for a while then install a set from MegaCycle. As soon as I get a chance, I will scan the dyno chart and post it for everyone to see.

Tom Droze
1975 Honda CB 400F (stock)
1976 Honda CB 550F (highly modified)
1978 Honda Z50 (in pieces)
2001 Kawasaki ZR-7S (?)
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