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Hey guys, been a while since I've posted, but I had a severe accident last July. I was laid up for awhile, lots of rehab, but most of all the Z is still sitting in the garage in need of many new parts. Short description of events:

Front wheel locked up and slip in gravel on road, went down on left side, bike flipped over me and hit tree. Most of the plastics are broken, tank dented, forks bent, mirrors etc. Here is a list of the major broken pieces I need to replace with OEM...I love the green and want to keep the original look with the exception of the 2Bros & under tail.

Front Fender Lime Green
Bikini Faring Lime Green
Head Light
Front Turn Signals
Front Forks - the inverted gold
LCD Gage Cluster
Bar & Mirrors
Tank Lime Green
Radiator Covers Matte Silver
Possible Radiator
Left Side Oil Cover
Rear Side Covers Silver
Tail Section Lime Green
Tail Light

I know there is a ton of broken parts, it would almost be cheaper to buy another one...But I am a fanatic of my bike and want to keep it original. I need help finding the best place to buy these OEM parts, and not the Chinese knock offs that are not correct size and color. I've found a few places, but want to tap the knowledge of the forum. All input is much appreciated!!!

http://www.kawasakipartsnation.com is the cheapest I've found so far.

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I have a black front fender and gold forks coming off my 2003 in a week or two.

I am doing the 636 front end conversion. Already got all my parts just got to find the time.

Let me know if your interested.
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