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I just finished cleaning my carbs, and realized my Intake Manifold Boots were cracked, letting air in and messing up the air-fuel mixture. Here's what I did, hopefully some of you can either learn from my experimenting, or tell me I screwed up :help:

To check whether or not they are letting air though, you can spray starting fluid on them with the bike running, and if the RPMs go up, you're sucking air in.

Instead of buying OEM ones from eBay for $30 (right here), I bought gasket maker from Permatex for $10. Make sure it's gasoline resistant, and that it's non-hardening.


Finally after about 30 minutes, the gasket maker dried up, I wrapped each one up with Black electrical tape (now it's black again) and voila! Runs a lot richer now :righton:

Lemme know what you guys think!
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