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New, it costs $453.00 + shipping and maybe tax, and takes 4-6 weeks to ship. This seat has never been left outside in the sun, snow or rain, nor ridden in bad weather. Selling for $349 OBO with free shipping to the lower 48 states.

This seat makes the Kawasaki ride-able. The stock seat is terrible. It was worth every penny I spent for it. And at this price, I expect an experienced rider will get it quickly.

Now my Kawi is sold... and this seat must go too.

The seat was lovingly cared-for. Super easy to remove and replace with the stock seat for storage and bad-weather-rides. The seat is in excellent condition. No tears, rips or blotches. Leather always treated with top-quality Zymol and Meguiar's products, and the vinyl with 303.

This seat is available right now and can be yours for a nice winter ride or a Christmas gift for yourself or a special friend.

Corbin Gunfighter & Lady seat for 2009-2011 Kawasaki Ninja 650R and ER-6N model motorcycles. Check the Cobin site to be sure it fits your moto. A huge improvement over the stock seat, this Corbin seat uses a high-density memory foam with a slight cupped design for proper full width support that makes long miles disappear and a neutralized seating position for both the operator and passenger that minimizes sliding forward under hard braking, or just straight riding. The passenger seating position for this seat also has a built-in backrest socket that will accept any Corbin backrest. A backrest is not included, but available separately from Corbin directly.

Some basic dimensions for this seat are listed below.
Front seating: 13.5" wide x 13" long
Front seating height: approximately 31"
Rear seating: 11" wide x 10" long

Manufacturer Part Number:K-650R-9-GL

The seat in this listing has black, textured leather seating panels (top panels), matching high-quality black vinyl side panels (as recommended by Corbin), Tuck and Roll surface stitching, and comes with a black Corbin logo for a clean look. This seat comes just as shown.

If you want to be able to ride your Kawasaki 650 for a real trip, and look cool doing it, you need this Corbin!

Free packing and shipping to the 48 continental United States. Ask for other states or international shipping rates.

Send me an offer if you're interested. Best
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