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Clutch Not Fully Disengaging, Stuck In 1st and Neutral

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Accident- I was riding my Kawasaki Vulcan coming to a stop and when I pull the clutch to downshift and stop; It snapped.

Attempt Repair- I replaced the Clutch cable and adjusted it but it only shifts 1st and Neutral. In order to shift it into 1st I have to move the bike a bit. Once in first 1st gear, I try to move the bike with the Clutch Lever fully pulled; I felt some resistance (making me think the clutch hasn't fully opened).

Possibly- You guys think it might be the clutch spring or the push rod
It's a Kawasaki Vulcan 2016 with only 4k miles. I don't think I could've done severe damage right?
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I don't know if you did serious damage. Without a picture it's pretty hard to guess

Kawasaki uses a feature called "positive neutral finder". You won't be able to shift from neutral to 2 nd gear unless the bike is in motion.
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