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clutch help please

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I recently took my bike apart to change to the little bit stiffer clutch springs and make adjustments. I was wondering are there only two adjustments you can make, one at the lever, and the one hiding behind the fairing? when i had the clutch apart i saw no where to adjust it from the inside, If there isnt i think i need new clutch plates, andbody got recomendations on some sticky friction plates? Also I changed from synthetic back to regular, dont know if its in my head or not but seems to stick more without synthetic. Any one wants to throw there two cents in feel free, thanks.
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what oil, specifically, did you switch from and to?

How much play do you have adjusted? book spec?
switched from lucus synthetic to castrol 4t. as far as the clutch basically i changed those springs and adjusted it behind the fairing. its the fact that i cant get it to grab enough thats making me irritated, i dont know how thick the friction plates are supposed to be but they were .123 thick each. about a 1/8 inch. before i adjusted it it wasnt disengaging the clutch all the way i adjusted it it disengages now, but cant figure out how to get it to grab sooner than the lever being 90% of the way out
what happens when you adjust the clutch lever dial? 1-5
that just moves the lever farther away from the grip, or closer to, im actually having an issue with engaging fully, i measured the friction plates there all only .002 or .003 smaller than new, so like all together thats only about .020 i wouldnt imagine that would matter. there has to be something im not gettin here
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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