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Clipped Chain Broke, Smashed lube Sling Guard

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Riding on the freeway, the chain broke. Wasn't sure what it was at first and I was able to coast off the freeway and into a gas station. Thankfully I didn't have a passenger because the chain had whipped around and struck the rear seat. On the exterior, the major damage was a broken tail light. No big. The real damage is to what Young At Heart called the chain lube sling guard. The chain came off the front sprocket and was caught between the sprocket and the inside housing, chiseling into the compartment and cracking the lip that looks like its only function is to keep lube from slinging onto the wires that run down in front of the sprocket. When I removed the Engine Sprocket Cover, I noticed clumps of stiff lube material mixed with metal shavings. There's no fluid leaking anywhere. Thankfully, I'm ok and so far there appears to be no major damage.

The lube sling guard broke in 3 pieces. Now I gotta figure out how to get them back on. Maybe JB Weld, as Young At Heart did. I also need a new chain and might as well get new sprockets. Bike has 12K miles. BTW, I just replaced the chain about 2k miles ago because it was stretched. I used a clip. Not using a clip again and will regularly clean out the compartment inside the Engine Sprocket Cover.

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Chain snagged by front sprocket

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Broken chain lube sling guard
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so the clip on the master link fell off? i will not be using a clip either when i replace my chain. OEM chain and sprockets only.
It's probably on the 91 FWY because it wasn't on the chain
we've used DID gold chains on all our bikes with good results, usually get at least 15K with good care, and always use the rivet type of master link. The toolkit for the rivet setting isn't expensive and not too hard to use.
Thanks w. I'm definitely going rivet form now on.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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