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I don't have any comparison information to give you, but I can tell you about last year's chatterbox. My husband and I have used them. They have positives and negatives...

positives -
1) seem to have good range
2) clarity is great as long as they are set right
3) the charge lasts all day

negatives -
1) the earphones hurt like crazy unless you get them in there perfect. (need to switch to in the ear vs. over the ear)
2) wind noise can be a problem if you use the voice activation.

I like them when we go on long rides, or with a large group where my husband takes the lead and I bring up the rear to make sure we don't lose anyone, but for short rides, we both prefer it to be quiet in our helmets....

I even prefer the PTT (push to talk) button because I constantly talk to myself in my helmet....or sing a little tune and I'd rather not have to worry about bothering someone else.

Overall....I really like having them for when I want them! How's that for vagueness!!?? :)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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