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Carbon Fiber Side Panels

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Does anyone know who makes carbon fiber side panels for the ZR-7? I would love to replce the ugly stock gray plastic panels.
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I have used the faux carbon fiber sheets on a gas tank before and it was very difficult cutting the sheet to fit the curved surface. Since the side panels have several curves, I think it will be very difficult to obtain a clean look.

I think that painting the panels or purchasing real carbon fiber panels are the only two options. Since the panels are made of plastic, any paint will tend to chip or fall off over time.
Wow Andy. The color matched side panels look great. Did you paint the panels yourself?

My worry about paint chipping is that if I try to do the paint job myself, I will not have the proper equipment and technique to duplicate the durable paint that is applied by the factory. I am assuming that the factory baked the paint on and maybe used some special under coat. I guess if I choose to have the panels painted, I will choose to have them painted by a shop.
1 - 3 of 27 Posts
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