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carb problems ? help plz

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I just bought a 1994 ninja 250r not running ...I cleaned the petcock and got it to fire up now that its running it basically falls on its face when I give it gas and stalls out I took all the jets out of the carbs and thourougly cleaned everything dumped all the gas out and put 93 in it and tried seafoam even put new plugs in nothing seems to be helping any ideas?
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Did you have the idle air adjustment screws out when you did the cleaning ?
If not, you probably did not get the low speed jets clean.
They are very small and not removable and easy to miss.

Are you testing with a stock air filter in place ?
It is amazing what a huge difference there is without an air filter.

And finally, while SeaFoam is OK for routine maintenance, it is NOT a really good cleaner.
Gumout and Berryman's B12 Chemtool are much better.

P.S. Higher octane does not equal better gas. Your bike might even run better with regular.
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im running 2 k and ns for air cleaners
If I take the carb off and take out those idle air screws and spray inside with carb clean will I be okay or do I gotta take the carb all apart again
Hard to say about the cleaning

Your whole problem, or a lot of it, might just be those K&N filters (if that's what your post really meant).
The bike was not designed to run with "high flow, low restriction" air filters and it won't run worth crap with them in place.
If that's what you have, your first move should be to put some stock filter back on it. Seriously.

Your posts would be much easier to follow if they were formatted into something resembling sentences......and proof read just a bit. :)
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