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Cannot Get Pads Alligned with Rotor

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Hey everyone,

I've had a lot of front brake problems after installing new pads and rotors and rebuilding the caliper- Check out here for more info: http://www.riderforums.com/general-...liper-rebuild-problem-i-really-need-help.html
I won't bore you with the details, but go there if you care.

As for my question, I eventually realized that one of the pads I installed wasn't up against the rotor properly- only an edge of it was making contact, while the rest of the pad was 1-2mm off the rotor, tilted away. I took off the caliper, kinda jiggled the pads a bit, and stuck it back on. The brakes work better, but after a quick test around the block, they still don't feel right, and the new wear marks on the rotor tell the same story. They just don't provide very much braking power, about on-par with the rear brake, but nowhere near as smooth or feeling as well.
So, does anyone have ideas on why they may be off? I'm planning on taking it off again and seeing if I can make it align better, but is there something else I missed when installing them to cause this? Any ideas are welcome, thank you.
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Do you have any friends that are mechanically inclined? I am a bit concerned for you safety after reading the last round.
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