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Hey All,

So i have a set of used plastics of my 2014' N1k and I would like to see them gone. I had a tip over when I had the bike and insurance paid for basically all new plastics. Some of the pieces have small blemishes that can just be polished out, some just have a small scratch here or there but otherwise in good condition. NO broken tabs or anything like that. I also have some new smaller parts like heat shield and rear under tray. Let me know what you need and where your at and ill get prices for shipping. Id like to see them all go at once but I know that's probably unrealistic.


Right and Left uppers fairings - small blemishes

Right lower fairing - small scratches

Center Upper - small blemishes
**that is just bug guts on the front NOT damage**

BRAND NEW rear under tray

BRAND NEW heat shield

Lower right heat shield, some small scuffs

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