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Hey Gang,

Just wondering if anyone would like to buy an XL Black HJC
CL-2 Half Helmet: http://www.motorcycle-superstore.com/product.asp?Dept=4&ID=409
I'm selling it for $40.

I discovered that since I wear glasses it's best for me to buy
a full face helmet. I bought a cheap Vega (mostly due to pressure from my wife to keep the cost down) and have
regretted it ever since.

It was my spare until I just bought a Lazer Century Helmet:
https://www.lazerhelmets.com/acatalog/Lazer_Helmets_Century_14.html (very nice).

I recommend not ordering the Anti-Fog lens (doesn't fog but
it's optical clarity is poor) and taking out the chin curtain (It may
just be my long face). :eek:

I'm only selling the HJC because I don't need 2 spares.
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