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hi, and I've been looking for a Baron air intake system, but want to know if the fitment is right? I don't want to pay for the shipping/handling to have my stuff sent back and forth.
My bike model is 2008 Mean Streak 1600 B8FL
I've really looked hard at all the websites, but never seen one that lists my bike model.
BTW, i'm about to put on the big 3. already done the PC3usb with complete stock map. but dislike the highend power, due to its negative fuel map at high rpm.
Mod will be done shortly: PC3usb, Cobra Speedster Shorts, and Baron air kit.
I go with this combination because the powercommander.com has a map for this combination. I personally don't like the 2-into-2 pipes. I want 2-1 exhaust system.
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