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Set of front and rear forged aluminum galespeed wheels for Bandit fitment. 3.5 front, 5.5 rear. Includes the following:

Front -- bare wheel, axle, aluminum spacer.

Rear -- wheel, cush drive (new rubbers) 47T vortex sprocket (new), custom lightweight rear rotor (new), all spacers (captured spacers, which are lovely).

Also -- rear 43T 525 sprocket (I did a 520 conversion).

The wheels are lighter than OEM (obviously), are die straight). They are "polished", but could do with a bit of elbow grease to get them shining again.

I'd like $800 USD plus shipping. Not in a hurry to sell, as they are on the bike right now. Shipping is extra, but I have a nice 18x18" box from Home depot that will work perfectly.

Email jksheppard AT wcgwave DOT ca for pics.
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