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Any Jersey Riders?

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I never seem to see any zr-7/7s's on the road. Anyone interested in organizing a group ride originating in and returning back to Jersey. I don't know about all of you, but I'd much rather be riding than typing. You just can't beat a ride in late October or early November.
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I guess I'm responding kinda late (at least for the 10/21 ride). I live in Northern NJ, Morris County. If any of you other NJ riders are interested, there is a website for a riding club here in NJ - http://www.njride.com/. Members from Morris, Bergen, Essex Counties usually meet in Parsippany. If this is not near enough for you, the website has links to other NJ riding clubs. Keep me in mind for any rides. By the way, there is a Bike Show at the Raritan Center in Edison, NJ on 11/17 and 11/18. Check out http://www.cycleprousa.com for details.
I had hoped to ride this Sunday, but it looks like I have other plans (I accepted an invitation to lunch with the family - when am I gonna learn to check with the Weather Channel first and make all my non-motorcycle plans "inclement weather permitting"?).
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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