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Any 650r people here in DFW?

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Looking for any other 650r brotheren out there. Speically someone with Sport bars :). Been wanting to sit on a 650r with Sport Bars to see if for sure I would like them, maybe talk about your experiences with them, and I guess we could always hit the road too! lol. Anyway, thought I'd ask, not sure if this is the right place, if not just delete my post thanks :).
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I'm in North Dallas area. I use the 650r to commute. Old lady keeps me shut in but once in awhile I'll sneak out for a ride.
Sounds about right lol. I use mine to commute as well from Keller to Las Colinas. I'm about to make a post about the sport bars for this thing and some recent opinions. I can't make up my mind lol.
Just bought an 09 650r, I live up in Frisco. This is my main commuter vehicle on nice days also, still in the break in period though. I'm seriously interested in sport bars also.
Sportbars? We don't need no stinkin sportbars!?!?!

I like the handle bars the way they are. They allow me to assume the crouch position or sit upright whenever the feeling hits me. The factory ergos are just right for my frame. If i modded to sportbars, I'll be stuck at that one position. So, I like to keep my options available.
If i modded to sportbars, I'll be stuck at that one position. So, I like to keep my options available.
The sport bars don't force you into any certain position, they simply bring you forward and down a couple inches. You can still ride straight up, or tuck down out of the wind. The only difference is, that it makes it easier to tuck down, but if you have short arms they probably aren't for you. I'm pretty tall, so even with clip ons, I probably sit up straighter than most.
I bought a 650R a month back and put up around 2300 miles. I like the handle bars the way they are. I rode a CBR 600RR and the position with those clip ons are very aggressive, but not good for commuting everyday.
I commute from Cleburne to Haltom City 5 days a week. Still rocking the stock bars. If anything im considering a riser for a more comfortable reach.
Im in the Austin area and just got sport bars for my 06 650R.
Theyre absolutely great! They bring the posture down lower but not too much so. The perfect balance between a true sport bike stance and more upright touring stance.
I happen to be looking for 650R riders in the area w an Arrow exhaust. Know anyone in the DFW or austin area with one?!
I dont but do yourself a favor and stay away from this "couple"


Trainwreck takes up 3/4 of that entire 3 page thread!
Well, I commute daily from Bedford to DFW. Still stock though... got the bike pretty recently :)
Well, I commute daily from Bedford to DFW. Still stock though... got the bike pretty recently :)
Nice, might run into you one day out on the street. let me know if ya ever want to go ride, me and my buddy go riding random streets for hours down south or whatever from time to time. Found a Fort Worth Sport bike group that seems pretty responsible, gonna go meet and ride with some of them on their 'moderate' ride and see how it goes in the morning lol.
OK, well I have the sport bars now and love them :). So now i'm looking for anyone with any aftermarket exaust, I want to hear one with my own ears :). Let me know if anyone around a 3 hour radius of DFW so i can check out the sound. And if anyone around here wants to see my bars let me know!
ok, i lived in arlington 74-78. does that count? i was attending grad school at the time. LOLOL.

stock bars: luv'm, luv'm. when i decided to buy a sportbike i wanted a new suzuki 650, but none were available. i tried an "s" version, but the clip-ons killed my wrists. i'm seriously thinking of replacing the ninja (though not anytime soon) with a versys. i yakked about an fz1, but i really prefer a twin.

i was in frisco twice three weeks ago. good friends from high school days live there. they generously put us up for a night or two when we drive thataway.
Well Im now down in Grand Praire, so keep an eye out
you still have your nina with exaust? I wanna hear it! LOL.
yeah Ive got the LV SBK on the 650 still, bike will be down here in april when I move the rest of my stuff
damn thats a long time! lol. well if i don't buy one by then then let me know! even then, we can go ride!
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